Awards Show Show

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Awards Show Promo 3 copy


Live from North Carolina Stage Company In Asheville, North Carolina: It’s the Award Show Show! Sponsored by Asheville Brewing Company. And Harmony Interiors. A big hand for presenting charity: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.   It’s glitz, glamour and all the cameras.  Celebrities rubbin’ elbows and people with similar body shapes, incomes and facial features giving each other awards.  It’ the Award Show Show!


2014 is the 10 Year Anniversary for WNC’s longest-running comedy group, The Feral Chihuahuas. Over the years, we have performed over 500 original comedy shows to thousands of people, and have a been asked to perform at comedy festivals around the country.

To kick off our 10th Anniversary we have an all-new show titled “The Awards Show Show”. It is only running one weekend, and will feature numerous comedy sketches about an assortment of topics.


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He’ll tell you a long, elaborate joke with a horrible punch line and then walk out of the room.

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