Genetically Modified Comedy

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August 2nd and 3rd at NC Stage!



cornimg2    The Feral Chihuahuas proudly present Genetically Modified Comedy.  Shows will take place on August 2nd and 3rd at North Carolina Stage Company in Downtown Asheville.  Show times are Friday August 2nd at 7:30 and 9:30 PM.  Saturday August 3rd at 7 an 9:30 PM.  Ticket links are available below.  $13 online, $15 at the door.  Your ticket price includes delicious beer from Asheville Brewing Company.

Screen shot 2010-09-17 at 10.19.52 AMIn bygone times, before the digital age.  Long before a white lab coat denoted a scientist.  Long before there was a whisper of recorded media.  Before a photo of a cat with a message printed in a bold white font was passed as humor.  Before L-O-L was first tapped coldly on a clacking keyboard… there was laughter.

It began with simple grunts and the flailing about of the clumsy.  It was poorly timed bodily functions.  It was misunderstandings and poor translations.  It was the mimicry of a silly sound or voice.  It was a  humorous occurrence committed to oral tradition and shared with others who also might appreciate it.  The joke was born.

But as time went on and science developed, a new way of creating humor was born.  Comedy and biotechnology united in a glorious swirl of progress.  The research scientists at Feral Corp (A Subsidiary of Punsanto) have developed comedy that is guaranteed to elicit laughter in a safe, efficient and affordable way.  So come one come all to this performance (Read: Experimental Indoctrination) and know that you will be forever modified.







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